Remote PC Repair

Remote PC repair, also known as “online computer repair” or “on the web computer repair”, allows Manchester PC to troubleshoot software related problems and issues via remote desktop connections.

With your permission, I am able to use specialised software such as TeamViewer to gain remote access of your desktop or laptop computer via the internet.

Remote PC repair allows me to take control of your keyboard and mouse to run various diagnostic tests, install repair applications, run scans, and ultimately resolve your computer problem.

My remote service is commonly used to detect and remove malware, adware, spyware, computer viruses, optimisation, windows registry repair and the list goes on.

Computer repairs beyond the scope of remote computer repair service, such as hardware repairs will need to be resolved by me in person using my Manchester mobile computer repair service.


Same Day Repairs

No Fix – No Fee (terms apply please ask)

No Callout Charge


remote computer repair manchester

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