About Manchester PC

Admir, Manchester PC owner, started working with computers in the 1990’s when he was just a little kid. In fact his first computer was a Commodore 64. Ever since then, he has been intrigued with information technology and computers especially with how they function and operate.

During the early 2000’s he attended the university where he completed a degree in Computing For Business. As well as a degree he has obtained diploma in Advanced Information Technology, 4 A-Levels including Mechanics and Computer Science as well as number of different computer related qualifications.

Before graduation he worked at Time Computers. After graduation he started working for a local Advertising company as a I.T specialist. In fact he is a all round experienced computer engineer and entrepreneur.

Manchester PC was started with the aim of providing quality and honest computer and laptop repair services throughout Manchester and Stockport.


Contact me today for questions about my Manchester computer repair services.

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